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 Welcome to Animal Spirit burial

 We are a green burial site located in southern Indiana.

We accept all family pets under 40 pounds.

Animal Spirit Burial

P.O.Box 594

Seymour, Indiana

Phone: 812-525-9212



We have had pets for thousands of years, the Pharaohs, Chinese emperors and the ancient Greeks have maintaind pet cemeteries.  When it comes to the love and loyalty that a pet gives to the people that are entrusted with their care we see the meaning of unconditional love. It is understanding that the death of your pet is akin to a death of a family member. Therefore,  Animal Spirit Burial wish to provide a final resting place amid the beautiful peaceful fields of Southern Indiana.
 This is a way  to celebrate your pet's life in a loving and caring manner. The final gift of caring that your treasured pet deserves - a respectful diginifed final resting place.